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Project Description

The WikiX is an EPiServer Research project to create a Wiki based on the popular EPiServer CMS.
WikiX consists of a number of templates as well as a basic framework for working with Wiki Data.



Read the Installation Instructions.


  • New Relate+ Integration with Community makes, tagging possible, view count, tag cloud
  • Support for Wiki Syntax.
Wiki Syntax includes quick links like [article name], formatting like "==headline==" and so on.
NOTE: It does not support the full Wikipedia syntax - only a subset.
  • On the fly lookup of Quick Links
Links to other articles created with Wiki Syntax will be resolved when a page is rendered and the color of the link will indicate if the article already exists.
  • Automatic creation of New Articles.
When a URL is entered to an article that doesn't exist, the user (if he has appropriate right) will be given the choice to create it.
  • Articles and Sections.
Each article is divided into subsections that can be edited independently of each other.
  • View-mode editing
Articles and sections can be created and edited through view mode.
Sections can also be moved up and down and deleted.
Files can be uploaded to an article and inserted in either sections or the article itself.
  • Sections can be either Sections or Fact boxes.
  • Version history can be managed in View-mode
In History mode you can see all edits made to an article and its section - and you can restore earlier versions.
  • Users can discuss the contents of an Article
For each article there is a basic forum where users can discuss the contents of the article.
  • New Editorial Features with upload episerver file manager and link browsing
  • Search - with Auto complete
It is possible to search in articles and section within a Wiki.
When the user starts typing the query, auto complete will suggest article names that contain the typed letters.
  • Category Listings
By calling a URL like "Category/category name" (relative to the wiki root) a list of pages in that category will be shown.
  • Left-menu and link controls
The content of the navigational left menu is fully customizable using Dynamic Content.
For instance the owner of the website can add a Wiki LinkBox and inside it add other dynamic elements such as:
  • Category Links
  • Recently updated articles
  • Recently created articles
  • Articles being edited right now
  • File Upload
  • Custom Links
  • Feed Rss/Atom
Below the Link Box, other link boxes can be placed - or perhaps a Toolbox.
Access rights requirements can be set on each dynamic element individually.
  • Multiple Editors
A Wiki typically has a lot of editors / contributors. This is supported by locking a section when it is being edited - so others can't edit it at the same time.
  • Everything is based on Access rights
Everything in the Wiki is based on access rights. So - if a person can edit an article depends on the edit-mode settings.
You can have a fully open wiki where everybody can do everything - or a totally locked down wiki. It's up to you.
  • Edit-mode handling
Wiki's are in their nature not very hierarchical, so a wiki can have a lot of pages on the same level. This can cause problems in EPiServer CMS in edit-mode, which is why we've made it an option to turn off whether to show articles, sections and discussion posts in edit-mode.
  • Right-click menu
It's possible to turn off the right-click menu in the Wiki for everybody except people with Administer privileges.
  • Multiple Wiki's on the same site.
It's fully supported to have more than one WikiX running on the same website. It's simple - just add a "Wiki Root" page anywhere in the structure. It will run totally independent of other wiki's on the same site.
  • All standard EPiServer CMS Features
Since WikiX is based on EPiServer CMS 5 R2, all the usual features and plug-ins are available for use in the Wiki.
  • Fully customizable and expandable
WikiX comes with full source code and you are welcome to adjust it to your needs. Both design wise and functionality wise.
The code is divided into a set of Core functionality classes that are separated from the UI so it should be easy to replace the UI with your own.

Known Issues / Limitations

  • Lack of Multi Language support.
Not all features will work in a multi-language environment.
  • Lack of Multi server support.
Not all features will work in a load balanced / multi-server environment. Especially managing multiple edits will not work very well.
  • Bug in Dynamic content
There is known problem when the contents of the LinkBox dynamic gets too big which means that you will not be able to edit the linkbox again later, but will have to create a new LinkBox with your changes instead.

Since the current version is a Beta version there is bound to be other issues. Please report them when you find them.

Third Party Libraries Used

WikiX uses the following third party software which is included in this package:
- Tiny MCE by Moxiecode Systems AB. Licensed under LGPL.
- JQuery by John Resig and the JQuery Team. MIT License.
- JQuery Autocomplete plugin by Dylan Verheul, Dan G. Switzer, Anjesh Tuladhar, Jörn Zaefferer. MIT License
- JQuery bgiframe plugin by Brandon Aaron. MIT License
- JQuery Easing plugin by George Smith. MIT License
- JQuery FileStyle plugin by Mika Tuupola. MIT License
- JQuery UI, MIT License.


See a couple of Screenshots.

Live Demo

See it and try it live at Feel free to browse around. In order to edit you need to register and create a user.


Check out these locations for more info on EPiServer, EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Labs.

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