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Can't get it working

Sep 30, 2009 at 7:43 AM

I posted this on the episerverworld as well, but maybe this is the correct place for the post. So here goes.

I have a clean EpiServer 5.2.375.236 site. Downloaded the WikiX-project from Codeplex, updated the references to EPiServer to 5.2.375.236 and compiled it.

Added a reference to the Wikiproject to my EpiServer-site, and copied all files from EPiServer.Research.Wiki-folder to the root of my webproject. Made the web.config changes and imported the complete package.

Everything seems to work except Search (I get a 404, on url: http://localhost:6666/en/WikiX/WikiSearch/asdasd) and Save/Cancel-buttons when I try to edit a section (nothing happens).

When browsing http://localhost:6666/EPiServer.Research.Wiki/Core/SaveArticleAjax.aspx/UpdateArticle I receive a "RightClickMenu requires a header control on the page." Tried inheriting from System.Web.UI.Page instead of TemplatePage, but it didn't help.

Any ideas on what I have done wrong?